Dewhurst Compact 3 XR chemical resistant pushbutton

The next generation of elevator pushbuttons

Dewhurst has launched the new Compact 3 XR chemical-resistant pushbutton.

The new product is a result of 24 months of research and development, which address the issue of stringent cleaning regimes on elevator signalisation. Compact 3 XR is being launched across the Dewhurst pushbutton range, including US91EN, US95, US95AB & Jumbo. There will be a phased switchover to XR material, with US95 and US96 to be manufactured in XR from end of January and other products switching over to the new XR material shortly after.

Compact 3 XR uses specially designed polymer, which provides enhanced chemical resistance, thus improving the durability and quality of the product. The product includes UV-stabilised formulations, making it durable and appropriate for internal and external applications. In addition, the polymer can be processed at lower operating temperatures, reducing energy use and environmental impact during manufacturing.

A new material for the new normal

Compact 3 XR uses a chemical-resistant polymer that is transparent and enhanced with chemical crack resistance and high impact strength. The XR polymer was tested for discolouration, swelling, crazing, deformation, disassembly, or residue formation. It is used in both the pressel and the body.

For further inquiries on how XR material or Dewhurst product can improve the performance and quality of your elevator installation please speak to your local sales representative or inquire directly below.

Dewhurst Compact 3 XR Pushbuttons
Dewhurst Pushbutton Jumbo US95 Stainless Steel Pressel
Dewhurst Pushbutton Jumbo US95 Stainless Steel Pressel Front
Dewhurst Pushbutton US95 Stainless Steel Pressel
Dewhurst Pushbutton US95 Stainless Steel Pressel Front

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