Elizabeth Line pushbuttons and indicators

The new Transport for London railway line, known as the Elizabeth Line, is 73-miles long running through central London from Essex to Berkshire. The Elizabeth line project delivered ten new stations, as well as upgrading existing stations that are now served by the line. Improving accessibility on the Tube and London Overground was an important focal point and meant that all forty-one Elizabeth line stations required step-free access from the street to the platform.

Known for the quality and reliability of our products, Dewhurst were selected to supply pushbuttons and lift position indicators for all lifts across Elizabeth Line stations. The classic square-shaped US96-EN Jumbo pushbutton was chosen, maintaining a consistent identity throughout the line and across the London Underground as a whole, where these have been widely used for many years.

The US96-EN Jumbo meets the EN81-70 standard for accessible lifts and features a high tactile legend with standard English braille. The extra-large black pressel provides a clear contrast to the legend, making it easily visible in large stations. Dewhurst also supplied US85-EN Jumbo pushbuttons to some overground stations. These match the features of the US96-EN, with an added wide red surround around the pressel for extra visibility.

Being robust and easy to maintain, Dewhurst pushbuttons can withstand the thousands of passengers served by the line each day.
The lift position indicator chosen was the iconic UT range of scrolling indicators which is used widely across London Underground. The high definition, large font size means that lift position and messages are easily visible from a distance.

Dewhurst also supplied jumbo pushbuttons, multi-media screens and indicator lanterns to be installed in lifts and landings in a newly built mixed-use development known as Crossrail Place. This new complex, featuring shops, a cinema, and a roof garden, is made up of five upper levels which sit above the Canary Wharf Elizabeth Line station.

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