The Maybourne Riviera

Photo credit: The Maybourne Riviera

Creating a sense of luxury is an art form, and for the hospitality industry, it extends far beyond providing high-end products and services. Dewhurst with Neonode technology helps create luxury experiences by delivering the best tech that turns vacant spaces into safe and stylish interactive moments.


Rising boldly from the rocky peninsula of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin in France, The Maybourne Riviera showcases an impressive display of modern architecture that rises above the shimmering Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is owned by Maybourne Hotel Group, which prides itself on the successes of other world-renowned hotels such as Claridge’s, The Connaught, The Berkeley, and The Maybourne Beverly Hills.

After a six-year renovation, The Maybourne Riviera opened its doors at the beginning of 2022. With attention given to every detail, the hotel provides affluent travellers with exceptional service.


The Maybourne Hotel Group have meticulous hygiene standards of the utmost importance. Throughout the renovation of The Maybourne Riviera, the Group ardently sought new differentiators that would exceed guest expectations and redefine the way hygiene is perceived in high-class hospitality. As a result, touchless technologies took priority.


Ironically, an extra ‘touch of class’ was woven into the design of The Maybourne Riviera by removing the need for touch. All points of contact throughout the hotel were touchless, removing any unease people could feel when sharing amenities. Luxury Travel Advisor states that the touchless elevator controls are “a welcome hands-free tech touch in the age of COVID”. Traveller Magazine refers to them as a “lovingly realized detail” of the hotel.

The solution was Dewhurst’s contactless elevator controls, based on our proven experience designing and fitting luxury elevator components. In addition, all touchless Dewhurst products were compatible with the standard Otis operating system, which made seamless integration into the elevator car possible.

The Dewhurst wave-to-call touchless unit was implemented in the foyers, enabling guests to call the elevator with a simple wave in front of the sensor. Inside, the HALO Touchless Car Operating System was combined with the US1 Touch Panel, allowing guests to hover their finger over a beautifully designed digital interface to select their floor of choice. The screen has been configured with a day and night mode, which always compliments the temporal atmosphere.

Photo credit: Neonode

The Results

The copper detailing and marble surrounding The Maybourne Riviera elevators offer guests an impression of prestige and sophistication. After a simple but gratifying in-air gesture outside the elevators, the doors open to reveal a beautiful stained-glass ceiling and opulent wall panelling inside the car.

Guests are delighted to select their floor using modern Contactless Touch technology, providing both delight and comfort from a germ-free ride before they enter their hotel room created by celebrated designers and architects inspired by the movement of the sea, which overlooks the spectacular views of the Mediterranean.